Welcome To Browned Butter and Pink Peppercorns

By Julie

Have you ever made something that was so amazing, mouth watering, sinfully delicious, and then forgot how you made it?  Well that’s me.  I love being creative in all things in life, but especially with food.  I was writing things in a notepad, which then became the message pad, then a grocery list, got washed in the laundry, and became a coffee coaster.  So that wasn’t working for me.  I thought, why not start a blog?  Everything organized, tagged, and accessible both from my phone, and my dinosaur laptop.  Also I would be able to easily have discussions about kitchen creativity with my fellow food addict and co-author Corinne.  I admit some of this is a bit selfish… the pictures of her food on facebook often makes me lick my phone.  With her co-authoring a blog with me I would be able to make those tasty-looking treats myself!  Winning!

In this blog you will find tried and true recipes.  Some are original creations, and some are fantastic things we’ve tried from other sources that were so delicious that they didn’t need to be messed with.  I admit I do change things most times to my personal taste.  I like things spicy.  I have a problem with fresh basil (I’m thinking about making basil ice-cream at the moment), and I brown butter whenever possible (maybe browned butter ice cream… with raisins… AND basil…).  You will also find useful tips that I’ve learned along the way.  Everything from beginner tricks to advanced fancy-shmancy stuff.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it.


By Corinne

Thank you Julie for writing us a lovely intro!

When Julie suggested this blog, I thought, gee, a great idea! I love cooking, I love taking photos of my food, this should be easy. What I failed to take into account is that I rarely measure anything… and for someone else to make it you really have to have some sort of measurements in your instructions! So it’s been a little more work than I originally anticipated.

While measuring can be an important thing,  it’s more important to taste your food, especially when using fresh and seasonal ingredients. For example, jalapeño peppers. Some are so mild they are almost like green bell peppers, every once in a while you get one that is insane hot, and most of the time they are somewhere in between. Taste everything!

Cooking for me is a labour of love. I love the smell of freshly snipped herbs and there is sometimes something just plain therapeutic about smashing cloves of garlic. I hope some of my enjoyment of my time in my tiny kitchen makes it through to the page and you are able to enjoy some of my favourite things as much as I do.



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