Beef Meatballs with Orecchiette, Kale and Pine Nuts- Gordon Ramsey’s Home Cooking


By Corinne

In the land of cook books, not all are created equal. I love books with pretty and inspiring photos, but good instructions are important too! So far Chef Ramsay is 2 for 2 for recipes I’ve tried and would make again.

His instructions call for browning the meatballs in a frying pan. I HATE browning meatballs like this but did it just for the sake of following the recipe. I would do them on my stone in the oven next time, way less mess, way less ‘active time’ and they still brown nicely. I also skipped the chilling the meatballs step and they seemed to hold together just fine.

I had some difficulty tracking down the orecchiette, and I think this would be just as nice with small shells or maybe even bow tie pasta if you can’t find the orecchiette. In the video he suggests cabbage as a substitution for the kale, but I think chard or spinach would be even better.


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