Pork Chops with Peppers-Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking

By: Corinne

A few years ago I bought my friend Julie the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, a book by Deb Perelman of the http://smittenkitchen.com/ blog. We both adore the book and her blog. In part it was this exchange that got us talking about cooking, which has since led to this blog 🙂

Julie, being the thoughtful and wonderful person who she is, thought it would be fun to cook out of another cookbook together and I found this wonderful package in the mail one day.


In addition to all of her other qualities, Julie is a creative and accomplished scrapbooker (and scrap blogger if that is a thing?) She made the gorgeous card to go with the book and the beautiful jelly.

The first recipe from this book I tried was the the Pork Chops with Peppers. An odd choice since pork chops are NOT one of my favourite things.


I followed the recipe pretty much to the letter. After all, I wouldn’t want Chef Ramsay to yell at me – though I’m sure he’s lovely in real life.  Things I would note- there is a generous amount of peppers and onions! I was a bit skeptical about the amount of sugar, as I often find in ‘sweet and sour’ type recipes mostly just end up sweet. I went with it and it wasn’t too much. I actually made three pork chops not two- and as you can see in my photo there are no shortage of peppers and onions on my chop. I actually quite liked this, which is a bit surprising because pork chops are not my favourite- I usually only make them when someone else requests them. The instructions in the book are clear and precise. The following video is Gordon preparing this recipe from his book.


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