Easy Strawberry Jam

By:  Julie

Time:  about 2 hours, depending on tools you use and how fast you chop.

They’re here, they’re here!!  It’s strawberry time in Southern Ontario.  They are a little pricey this year, I paid $22 for a flat, but they are soooo sweet and delicious.  So sweet, in fact, that my jam is probably the sweetest jam I’ve ever made.  If you are looking for a jam with less sugar, don’t make this.  The ratios of fruit to sugar to lemon juice allows the jam to set and protects you from bacteria.  You should always follow safe canning practices.  If you are not into canning, you can still make this and keep it in the fridge for a month.

You Will Need

  • 4 cups of strawberries, chopped small, my manual food processor worked great for this
  • 4 cups of white sugar
  • 1/3 cup of lemon juice.  Don’t use real lemon juice, use bottled for canning unless otherwise specified in your recipe.  The acid content is constant, which may not always be the case for real lemons.  It could vary which may allow the acidity of your jam to be too low, encouraging bacteria growth.

Tools Needed

  • 5 half pint jars, or whatever you prefer to use
  • large pot to boil jars
  • large non-reactive pot to boil jam
  • jar tongs will make your life easier
  • wide mouth funnel
  • small ladle

Prepare The Jars

Boil jars, including lids, you are going to use for at least 10 min before starting.  Combine the strawberries and the sugar in a non-reactive pot and allow to sit for an hour.  Add lemon juice and bring to a boil, stirring frequently.  Allow to boil for 12-14 minutes.  I begin testing the set at 8 minutes by putting a small amount on a cold plate I keep in the freezer.  I let it stay in there for 2 min and if the jam wrinkles when I push it with my finger, the jam is set.  Experienced jammers will feel the difference when they stir.  You will feel some slight resistance and the jam becomes clearer and darkens to a beautiful ruby red.

When you are confident with your set, scoop off any foam from the top, ladle the jam into the clean jars and place the lids on.  Screw on the rings lightly (just hand tight until you feel resistance then stop.  You need the air to be able to escape from the lids).  Place jars in canner and boil for a min of 10 minutes.

My favourite way to eat this is on toasted basic white bread.


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