About Us


A culinary journey of two life-long friends, self-proclaimed home cooks with no culinary training what-so-ever (except that girl-guide badge I earned when I was 12).

Miles apart, cooking brought us together and made it seem as though we were only a door away.

Corinne MacLeod

CorinneCorinne has a list of accomplishments that are so long I would run out of space if I told you all of them.  The highlights:  She is a brilliant teacher and home cook, a wonderful musician who excels both vocally and instrumentally. She is a sucker for cute animals, brightly coloured fish (she is part raven I think), and husbands named Kevin.  Also she has a dog which she dresses up like a person, blaming the cold Thunder Bay weather (she just really likes making her ridiculously cute).

Julie Packham


Julie (that’s me!) is also a home cook, mother to a beautiful baby girl, and a sort of sketchy musician.  I’m going to stop talking about myself in the third person because it’s ridiculous.  I have a dog who eats drywall and baby puke, and a husband who frowns at the dog for eating drywall and baby puke.  Someday my maternity leave will end and I will return to an office job and finally have a larger selection of people to feed my mass amounts of baking to.  I love to cook and I love to share what I cook because, frankly, I don’t remember what I’ve done if I don’t write it down and I might as well blog it at the same time.



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