Munro Honey & Meadery

Honey and Meadery.  Well.  Sign me up!


20160320_122445In the tiny town of Alivinston there is a diamond in the rough.  And it’s sweet.  It is Munro Honey and Meadery20160320_122451

Inside their beautiful gift shop there are magical things.  Things that will make your mouth water and serotonin will flow out of your brain like… well, honey.


I haven’t had the chance to sample very much mead.  We had a tasting of both dry and sweet varieties, as well as some with fruit.  I must say, I prefer the dry.  The honey lends a sweetness all its own and I found the sweeter varieties a bit too cloying for my taste.  They would make fantastic desert wines or summer sangria though. I will return to test this theory.


While I haven’t had a lot of mead,  I have sampled a lot of honey.  Munroes blueberry blossom is something special. It’s so perfumed and floral that you just want to breath in the jar for eternity. Don’t leave without the honey comb.  It’s $4.  If you are only going to buy one thing, buy this.  It’s worth the trip.  I had it today on a fresh slice of Basic White Bread and if I only had one thing to eat everyday for the rest of my life it would be this.  And maybe something with vitamin C so I didn’t die of scurvy.  The honey comb tastes of flowers and sunshine and all things good in the world.  I am sitting here now, full from a fantastic roasted beet salad I made for dinner, but thinking I could totally fit another slice of that in.  A dessert fit for Queens.